One of my favorite Floyd albums of all time, Meddle, was released this day in 1971. The album kicks off with the bass-driven "One of these Days," the only Floyd track in history to feature Nick Mason on vocals (he does the scary monster voice.)  Then the light acoustic "A Pillow of Winds," folksy "Fearless," Waters' upbeat lighthearted "San Tropez," and the blues number featuring vocals from a dog, redone for "Live at Pompeii," "Seamus."

That's side one.  On the entire second side, the epic 23.5 minute "Echoes."

In addition to "Seamus," retitled "Mademoiselle Nobs" due to a different dog on "vocals," the songs "One of These Days" and "Echoes" were featured in the film "Live at Pompeii," and are some of the best live versions of the songs I've heard.

The cover is hard to decipher at first, but features a photo of an ear, under water, with droplets hitting the water.  The original LP version opens up to reveal the entire photo of the ear, making it easier to tell what exactly it is.

Happy birthday, Meddle. Glad to have you around.