Listen to Arlo Guthrie on iHeartRadio

Make sure you tune in to the Bear on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 28) to hear Arlo Guthrie's iconic Thanksgiving song - "Alice's Restaurant Massacree." The Bear will play the song in it's entirety at noon on Thanksgiving day. 

A Song Based on A True Story 

Theresa's Stockbridge Cafe, formerly Alice's Restaurant, which inspired the Arlo Guthrie Thanksgiving classic "Alice's Restaurant Massacree."

By Dtobias (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The song is based on Guthrie's 1965 Thanksgiving Day adventure where he and his friend Richard Robbins were arrested by a Stockbridge, MA police officer for illegally dumping garbage after the duo discovered the landfill was closed for the holiday. In a deadpan poetic manner, Guthrie describes his encounter in the courts and a blind judge.

The song's story continues when Guthrie describes how the littering arrest proved significant enough a criminal offense to potentially disqualify him from military service.

Not In Town? Listen with iHeartRadio 

Are you not going to be in Northern Colorado during the Thanksgiving holiday? Is your mother-in-law insisting that the family listen to Christmas songs? No problem! You can still hear Alice's Restaurant Massacree LIVE on the Bear using the iHeartRadio App. Just go to or launch the iHeartRadio App and you can hear Guthrie's Thanksgiving tale live wherever your Thanksgiving travels may take you. 

In fact, you can even set a timer to start The Bear just before noon so you don't miss the song. These instructions are written for the iOS version, but instructions for other platforms are very similar.  

1) Make sure that you have iHeartRadio installed on your mobile device. If you don't have it installed, go to your App store and search "iHeartRadio" OR just go to THIS PAGE to get a download link for your device. 

2) Open the app up! Do a search for "107.9 The Bear" OR go to 1079thebear/listen from your mobile browser to launch the app. 

3) Tap the icon near the upper left hand corner of the screen to open the side menu. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Alarm Clock." 

4) Set the "Alarm" to go off a little before noon. 

Remember - you can use the iHeartRadio app as your alarm clock - letting you wake up to the sounds of the Best Rock Ever Recorded on 107.9 The Bear!