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The Who's Roger Daltrey is heaping some hefty praise on his band.  The singer tells "NME" he believes The Who was the greatest rock band of their day, saying he doesn't think there was any band to hold a candle to The Who in their heyday. 

Daltrey explains that while some people voiced a preference for Led Zeppelin over The Who back in the '70s, that was because Zeppelin's music is "easier on the ear in a way," and "a little bit more commercial." 

Meanwhile, he says the energy that used to come out from a Who concert was terrifying. Roger adds that the only thing The Who should perhaps apologize for is the haircuts.

The Who is currently on the European portion of their "Quadrophenia" tour, which wraps up next month.  But Daltrey isn't ready to call the trek the group's final tour.  He says performers should never announce a farewell trek because "music isn't like that" - it's "in the blood." 

Roger explains that once a tour is over you'll be sitting there not wishing to get onto a stage again a few months or maybe even a year, but then suddenly you'll wake up and feel like you've got to do it again.

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