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Jimmy Page has been regarded as one of the greatest guitarists from quite possibly one of the greatest bands ever: Led Zeppelin. The rock icon stopped by New York's Q104.3 to chat with the station's Jim Kerr.

Jimmy had a lot to say. He talked about his very first studio sessions: 

“I think I was 16 in the first session I ever did… maybe it was when I was 17-18 that I became a trusted friend within the recording industry where I was being asked to do sessions day after day after day.”

The legendary guitarist also talked about the newly-included master recording of "Whole Lotta Love":

“This is it. This is like the original vocal on it… the breakdown section in the middle… but it’s really open, but then it comes back in… but you can gauge that there was a master plan and I knew exactly what it was that was to go in the middle… but when you hear this, even if you’ve heard it multiple times, when you get to the first chorus, it’s a bit unsettling. But you’ve got this sort of voodoo pulse going on underneath it.”

He also talked about being a part of Led Zeppelin:

“It was just the most wonderful thing to be a part of…  it was a group that I know all musicians dream of, or in the company of musicians like that. So happy that we were able to stay together for as long as what we did and present so much music to people that gave them great happiness. That’s the lifetime legacy for me.”

Check out the full interview below:

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