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The Doors drummer John Densmore says he and guitarist Robby Krieger are definitely going to get together to honor the band's late keyboardist Ray Manzarek.  But he admits he's not sure what it will mean for the future. 

Densmore tells "Rolling Stone" he and Robby are "going to do at least one show for Ray and have a big send-off," but adds that it will be "either the start or the end of it." 

But Robby is a little more optimistic.  He says he can't hate John forever, explaining that Densmore brought him into The Doors.  The problems between them began in 2002, when Ray and Robby wanted to resume touring under the "Doors" name, which prompted a lawsuit from John. 

Robby says wishes John would have wanted to play with him and Ray back then, because "that when things went bad."  But he adds that they're now "talking about it."  John, Robby, and Ray had just started reconciling their relationship when Ray died back in May. 

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