Colorado State University professor, Sarah Payne, realized while working in New Mexico that many residents were unaware of Japanese American confinement sites in the state.

Payne’s mission has been to teach residents about the camps and their impact.

She will supervise “Confinement in the Land of Enchantment,” a project at the CSU Public Lands History Center (PLHC). 

Payne will be funded by National Park Service who provided a $189,864 grant. 

The PLHC project is just one of over 20 Japanese American Confinement Sites Grants.  The National Park Service has awarded $2.9 million in grants for Japanese American Confinement Sites.

The associate professor at CSU will help increase knowledge about New Mexico’s role in WWII and confinement. 

There were over 110,000 Japanese Americans confined in War Relocation camps in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and other western states.

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