The City of Fort Collins will host a Q&A session on the proposed disposable bags ordinance from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 30 at Fossil Ridge High School, 5400 Ziegler Road.

City Council will consider whether to approve the ordinance on second reading August 19.

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The purpose of the July 30 forum, which will be hosted by Mayor Pro-Tem Gerry Horak, is to answer questions about the ordinance after a brief staff presentation.

Public comments will be taken when Council officially considers the ordinance at the August 19 City Council meeting.

The proposed ordinance would require grocers to assess a fee of 10 cents per disposable bag – either paper or plastic – and spend half the proceeds on programs related to the ordinance such as providing reusable bags. The ordinance is expected to help the community achieve waste reduction, and to foster new habits for shoppers to use durable, reusable bags.

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Photo Credit: Tom Lucero/CCME