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What do the different evacuation statuses mean? Think: Ready, set, go!

Pre-Evacuation - No immediate threat, but the danger may be moving closer; Prepare for possible evacuation.

Voluntary Evacuation - The danger is moving closer and a mandatory order may be issued at any time. Officials say you do not need to wait for a mandatory order before leaving.

Mandatory Evacuation - Leave now. You will not be allowed to return until after the threat has passed.

Mandatory Evac areas have changed. Northern boundry extended to Walker Road, western boundry to Highway 83. We will continue to update the map as new information is available.

Voluntary evacuation order for area in Colorado Springs city limits north of Old Ranch Road and east of I-25.

Evacuation and pre-evacuation areas from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office:

Mandatory Evacuation: Eastonville Rd. east to Hwy 83., County Line Rd. south to Burgess Rd.

Area 1 Pre-Evacuation: Burgess Rd. south to Stapleton Dr. / Volmer Rd. east to Meridian Rd.

Area 2 Pre-Evacuation: Latigo Blvd. south to Stapleton Dr. / Meridian Rd. east to Hwy 24

Area 3 Pre-Evacuation: Guy Ranch Rd. south to Stapleton Dr. / Eastonville Rd. east to Elbert Rd.

Area 4 Pre-Evacuation: Burgess Rd. south to Old Ranch Rd & Poco Rd. / Milam Rd. east to Vollmer Rd.

Voluntary Evacuation:All areas north of Old Ranch Road within Colorado Springs city limits and west to Interstate 25


Things to take with if evacuated...

Social Security Cards
Driver’s Licenses
Credit Cards
House Deed
Vehicle titles
Marriage license
Birth certificates
Insurance policies
Home inventory list/photos
Health insurance cards
Prescription medications
Computer hard drive
Cell phone/charger
Valuable jewelry
Home videos
One week’s worth of clothing
Pets with ID tags, carrier, food