Earlier this year, Paul McCartney was hospitalized with a virus and was forced to cancel some shows.  The Beatle tells Rolling Stone that it was actually nice to have some time off because "no one ever tells me to rest."

McCartney's close friend Eric Clapton is considering retirement.  So, Rolling Stone asked Paul for his opinion on retiring.

Paul McCartney summarized his statement by saying, "the answer to 'Are you going to retire?' is 'When I feel like it.' But that's not today."

On Clapton's possible retirement, McCartney says:

"He's kind of a homebody in essence. We've talked about this before. I remember him joking about how I stand up for the whole show. He said, 'I sit down.' That's a blues player thing. But he's just too good a player. I would say to him, 'Yeah, by all means, sit down, Eric. But don't retire.'"

One of Clapton's biggest issues with touring is the grueling life on the road.

McCartney likes it all.

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