The iconic jackets donned by George Harrison and Ringo Starr in the Beatles’ 1965 film Help! will be auctioned off with 200 other Beatles pieces on March 20, according to BBC.

The jackets, also worn by Harrison and Starr on the cover of the Help! soundtrack, are being pulled from the private collection of the film’s director, Richard Lester. They will then make their way to the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool at which they are expected to sell for between $82,000 and $115,000 in the Omega Auctions.

Another noteworthy piece of memorabilia expected to make a splash at the auction this spring, is the chunk of wall from the set of The Ed Sullivan Show that was signed by all four Beatles on the first night of their epic three-night American debut in 1964. It is anticipated that the wall piece will be grabbed for between $800,000 and $1 million.

Consider it spring cleaning for the Beatles, now amid celebrations of 50th anniversary since the band debuted on The Ed Sullivan Show and catipulted into international stardom half a century ago.

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